Windy Gap

Windy Gap is a small village nestled in a box canyon along a trade route through the Dark Mountains.

The village is naturally defended by the mountains on three sides, and an old stone palisade across the fourth side that’s in much need of repair. The center of the outpost is dominated by a pool fed by a mountain stream running down out of the mountains past the mill, then out through a water gate in the palisade before wondering on down into the valley.

Most evenings are spent in Bartlebe’s tavern located on the first floor of the Iron Tooth Inn. There you will find great food, better Mead, and a sampling of the local talent. Just be careful to not mistake Solphi for said talent or you’ll get a stein upside the head from her father Bartlebe or her mother Brunhilda.

In Windy Gap besides the tavern you will find Bart’s black smith shop, a good place to get armor and weapons. You will also find a market usually occupied by traveling merchants, it’s a good place to get spells, potions, and minor magic items. There’s also an old mill that many local farmers use to convert their crops to food stuffs. There is also a small stable, and a few cabin’s.

Finally on a rocky outcropping overlooking the outpost is an old fortress known as a Caravanserai. The Caravanserai sits at the very edge of a cliff with a magnificent view of the valley for 100’s of miles. The Caravanserai is dominated by a large tower at one end. Over the years the Caravanserai has been the home of warlords, sorcerers, and powerful wizards. The lord of the Caravanserai alternated between providing protection and subjugating the people and the caravan’s traveling through the gap. Currently the Caravanserai is in disrepair and is apparently unoccupied.

The population of Windy Gap is less than 50 25 people all though it fluctuates when the local farmers are in town.

Windy Gap

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